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Culture Corner 2020 was born in August 2018, using the talents of radio personality.. Ted Sharpe,  joined by Theresa J.   They shared some amazing guests with the ROGUE VALLEY & the world…every Saturday night (LIVE!) from a local community radio studio in beautiful Ashland, Oregon!  Their audience has been awaiting a re-awakening, since parting ways with the station.  We are emerging with some new methods of bringing more of the local and regional talented folks.

Photo … local musician … CORNFLOWER!CornFlower

Most recent guests…

08/03/2019 … THE STRENGTH OF A WOMAN (FILM) … Wanda B. & Beckon D. & Joe C.

WEBSITE ———–>>>>  http://www.StrengthOfAWomanFilm.com



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How do you contact us to suggest guests … or just to say hello?

EMAIL… CultureCorner2020@gmail.com

Contact: Ted Sharpe: 541.261.3533

Theresa J: 541.941.0855